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Team Surgeon Wins Extended Long Range PRS Match With Factory Nexus Ammunition

June 30, 2017

For the second year in a row, a Team Surgeon Rifles shooter has won the Extended Long Range (ELR) Precision Rifle Series match at the Q Creek Ranch in Wyoming. Jon Pynch picked up the 1st place finish, using a Surgeon rifle and factory loaded Nexus Ammo .300 Norma.

With average targets at 1,200yds, and reaching out to 1,800yds, the Q Creek Ranch ELR match is one of the toughest matches on the PRS circuit each year. For the second year in a row, a Team Surgeon shooter took home a first place trophy utilizing a combination of factory Nexus Ammo and a standard offering Surgeon rifle. At the 2017 ELR match, Jon Pynch managed to squeeze out two targets over his competition, while Matt Brousseau picked up three points over second place in 2016. In a sport traditionally dominated by meticulously hand loaded specialty cartridges, Nexus Ammo’s 300 Norma 215gr Hybrid Match and Surgeon Rifles have now changed the game with factory loaded ammo and production rifles.

Nexus prides itself on being the leader in ammunition production, utilizing technology and advanced processes to produce ammo to the tightest tolerances in the industry. “With these consecutive ELR victories Team Surgeon and Nexus Ammo have set the standard. No other ammo company can say they’ve won 2 major PRS matches, let alone the one with the longest shots and highest wind speeds. Surgeon Rifles’ accuracy and Nexus Ammo’s consistency are a proven winning combination,” says Matt Brousseau, Captain of Team Surgeon. Nexus is making a name for itself in the precision rifle market by offering a wide variety of precision ammunition that often exceeds the performance and consistency found in competitor’s match-grade ammo.

A new kid on the block, the 300 Norma is quickly gaining popularity in the precision rifle community as a long-range performer. With it’s flat trajectory and heavy hitting Berger Hybrid projectile, Nexus Ammo’s 300 Norma 215gr Hybrid Match is designed for medium-to-extended long-range applications. Nexus Ammo’s 300 Norma is in stock and now available (MSRP: $51.59/box). Use promo code “TRYNEXUS” to get 10% off your entire order from!

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